Positive and negative aspects of Learning Management Systems


  • Performance evaluation

Positive aspect is participants can evaluate their performance through periodically scheduled assessments like quizzes, tests and review feedbacks through reports and statistical representations like graphs. Negative aspect is someone else can login behalf of the learner and involved in activities conducted by the LMS. So, the evaluation reports may present false details and lecturer may not get the correct progress of the learner.

  • Accessibility

Positive aspect is if we talk about the practical scenario of the real class environment, only few people are attending the class and out of the limited attendance only front desk people are listening to the lecturer. Under such circumstance the best solution is to have a LMS. LMS allows multiple users to access and enrolls in courses at any time anywhere. And it saves our time. Learning materials are same and consistent for every user who has enrolled in a particular course. Administrator or the content writer can easily modify the content because all the materials and contents are hosted in a centralized location. Negative aspect is learners will limit to the content on LMS and rely upon that and become lazy to think beyond. And also they could tend to miss lectures because they know that they can find lecture notes in the LMS even without attending the classes. Their practical knowledge will decrease because the experience has boundaries in a LMS. To increase the accessibility, availability and to reduce concurrency issues, developers have to use higher band width, good servers and latest technologies. In order to that, implementation cost is high and due to that money that educational institutes or companies have to afford in purchasing a LMS is high. Since most of the LMSs are e-learning platforms, internet connection is a must for users.

  • Customization

Positive aspect is participants can create their own profile and manage profile settings and customize their learning environment (eg: arrange courses according to the usage frequency). Without limiting into the sketches on the class whiteboard, lecturers can add visual aids like images, videos in order to the give the content in an effective manner. Lecturer can monitor learner login history and restrict unauthorized access. Negative aspect is if the LMS allows too much of customization, then the users may leads to misuse it and eventually learners will depart from expected learning objectives.

  • Interactive learning

Positive aspect is LMS allows online discussion forums to communicate and exchange knowledge among participants. So, participants are motivated to express their ideas. Peers and lecturers are allowed to give individual comments and feedbacks. This is impossible in a real class environment because lecturers are not approachable in most of the times and learners are de-motivated of asking questions because of the fear of humiliating in front of the class. Negative aspect is most of the times learners are involving in the forum discussions to pretend that they are really engage in, but in actual sense learners just post something to get rid of the task. So, they aren’t achieving the actual objectives of conducting forums. Anyone related to the course can put their ideas into the forums without granting permissions. This will leads to misuse those discussions into bad purposes. So, responsible individual should monitor such kind of activities and prevent them. Online feedbacks will lighten the learner-lecturer relationship and cannot assure that the learner see the feedback during the effective time period.

  • Notification system

Positive aspect is users can get notifications about upcoming events like assignments which have to submit sorted according to the deadline. Users can activate email notification system which is synchronized with the LMS and if so, when they have submitted a certain assignment they will receive a mail stating whether they have submitted it properly or not. And if activate this alert system for forum discussions, users can get notification emails about involvements of the classmates like newly submitted comments or posts for that forum, Likewise LMS can give notifications for most of the processes to update users. Negative aspect is sometimes we activate email notification to get to know about who are commenting in our own post. But the system is unable to retrieve comments related to our post. Instead it gives notifications about all the activities of that forum. It’s wastage of our time and storage of our inbox. Sometimes we will miss important emails if it is placed among those unnecessary notification emails.



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